CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020

Owing to the Covid-19 problems the CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020 has been divided into two parts: a digital section in July and an on the ground event from 24 October – 1 November. The CBA has now altered the second part to “a mix of digital and on-the-ground events”.

The EMAS Archaeological Society has therefore decided to present a quiz about lesser known archaeological sites in South England.

The quiz will draw 12 questions from a database. Each time you try the quiz it will be different!

At the end of the quiz you will be presented with the answers and a link for further information about each site.

We hope that you will find the quiz entertaining, and that the answers may lead to you visiting these sites once things return to normal.


CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020 Quiz

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This was the site of a famous battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Where is it?

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Where can you find this upper-storey Anglo-Norman chapel?

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This is an Iron Age hill fort, containing a smaller central, possibly Neolithic, enclosure. Where is it?

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This triangular Anglo-Saxon church doorway is built with re-used Roman Tiles.  Where is the church?

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These earthworks are the remains of four Bronze Age barrows, but local folklore attributes them to burial of a Viking war party. Where are they?

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This late sixth-century buckle gold and garnet buckle was found in an Anglo-Saxon burial mound. Where was that burial mound?

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About five hundred years after the initial abandonment of this hillfort, two Roman temples were built within the area of the fort. Where is it?

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Which Anglo-Saxon rural burh is shown in this aerial photo?

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In which castle can you find this early Norman structure?

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This is a rare example of an Anglo-Saxon transenna (a lattice of stone in a bellfrey window). Where is this church?

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This large motte and bailey castle has two bailies.  The modern village is situated in one of the bailies.  Where is this site?

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This intriguing apsidal chapel is at the base of a tower.  Where is it?

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