CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020 Quiz

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Where would you find this splendid beakhead Norman doorway?

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This hospital was commissioned by Henry III in 1234. It is now a museum and houses Roman, Saxon and Medieval collections discovered locally. Where is it?

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This small Norman church was once the chapel of a leper hospital. Where is it?

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This pagan Anglo-Saxon burial mound lies next to a busy main road. Where is it?

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This was one of the palaces owned by the medieval Bishop of Winchester. Where is it?

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Where can you visit the remains of this Augustinian priory chapter house?

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This Neolithic, chambered long barrow is one of the Cotswold-Severn group of long barrows. Where is it?

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Which Anglo-Saxon rural burh is shown in this aerial photo?

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This medieval hospital is one of the finest examples of courtyard architecture in England. Where is it?

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This pagan Anglo-Saxon burial mound now sits in a later cemetery.  Where is that cemetery?

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About five hundred years after the initial abandonment of this hillfort, two Roman temples were built within the area of the fort. Where is it?

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This long barrow is a Neolithic chambered tomb of the Cotswold Severn type. Excavations by G. B. Witts in 1881 and later by E. M. Clifford gave the barrow an irregular appearance. It was therefore completely covered over in-order to protect it sometime after 1976. Where is it?

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