CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020 Quiz

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This small Norman church was once the chapel of a leper hospital. Where is it?

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This is a rare example of an Anglo-Saxon transenna (a lattice of stone in a bellfrey window). Where is this church?

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These earthworks are the remains of four Bronze Age barrows, but local folklore attributes them to burial of a Viking war party. Where are they?

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This Norman medieval manor house dates from c, 1200. Where is it?

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Where can you find this upper-storey Anglo-Norman chapel?

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This was once the external wall of an Anglo-Saxon church before it was pierced by a Norman arcade. It shows two phases of Anglo-Saxon building - a triangular-headed blind arcade which is cut through by a single splay window. Where is this church?

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Where is this remarkable Norman font?

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This large, well-preserved hillfort is a circular structure with an overall diameter of 212m. There are outer and inner ditches and banks, and an eighteenth-century river channel cuts across the south western edge of the earthworks. Where is it?

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Where Where can you currently see the largest Bronze Age hoard found in the London Area?

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This pagan Anglo-Saxon burial mound now sits in a later cemetery.  Where is that cemetery?

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In which castle can you find this early Norman structure?

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The Empress Matilda escaped from this castle in 1142.  Which castle is it?

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