CBA Festival of Archaeology 2020 Quiz

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This intriguing apsidal chapel is at the base of a tower.  Where is it?

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This splendid Anglo-Saxon crypt is in a church that formed part of a Viking over-wintering site.  Where is it?

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This Grade I listed barn ranks alongside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for its exceptional architectural and historic interest. It was dubbed the "Cathedral of Middlesex" by Sir John Betjeman (English Heritage). Where is it?

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This is the remains of the gateway to an Anglo-Saxon rural burh. Where is it?

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This is an Iron Age hill fort, containing a smaller central, possibly Neolithic, enclosure. Where is it?

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These earthworks are the remains of four Bronze Age barrows, but local folklore attributes them to burial of a Viking war party. Where are they?

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This is one of the twelve Eleanor crosses erected by King Edward I after the death of his wife. Where is this cross?

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This hillfort was first excavated in 1881 by Pitt-Rivers.  Where is it?

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Where Where can you currently see the largest Bronze Age hoard found in the London Area?

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This pagan Anglo-Saxon burial mound lies next to a busy main road. Where is it?

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The Empress Matilda escaped from this castle in 1142.  Which castle is it?

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Where can you visit the remains of this Augustinian priory chapter house?

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