Asthall Anglo-Saxon Burial Mound

The Asthall Barrow lies just to the east of the roundabout at the junction of the busy A40 and the B4047. Visitors to the site should turn into the B4047 and take the road to Asthall. There is parking on the left of the road. Access to the site is via a footpath from the B4047.

The barrow is a seventh century high status Anglo-Saxon burial mound that contained the cremated remains of a man. The barrow was excavated in August 1923, and again in 1924, by George Bowles. E. T. Leeds visited the site and published the finds, which are now in the Ashmolean Museum.

Finds from the barrow included three pottery vessels, two hand-made jars, a Merovingian pottery bottle, a small silver bowl or cup and fragments of foil which suggested a drinking horn. Finds of bone may have indicated gaming pieces.

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